Please note that any design submissions are the responsibility of the team that is ordering. Any necessary permission for use of artwork must be properly obtained.

Design Assistance

Flip wear offers up to 6 hours of free design assistance, with additional hours charged at a rate of 25 EUR/hour. To save time and to be more efficient in the creative process, please send us your design in the proper format and provide as much instruction as possible for what you would like to see in the final product. The more detailed the information, the easier it will be for us to bring your ideas to life!  We’ll inform you before we start any additional work if we see that we’ll need more than the complimentary 6 hours, as well as provide an estimate for how many hours we’ll need to complete the work.  Note that most customer orders are able to be finished within 6 hours when detailed and specific instructions are provided.


Payments should be made via bank transfer or PayPal.  Please be sure to cover any bank fees that your institution may charge for the transaction.

Shipping and Delivery

At Flip wear we will our best to ensure that your order arrives within the standard timeline of 4-6 weeks and in the best condition possible.  If you have a specific deadline you’d like to meet, we’ll make every effort to meet it, but cannot guarantee its completion if it is not within the standard timeline.

Once you receive the shipment confirmation email for your order, please make sure that all shipping and delivery information is clear and correct to avoid delays in the final shipping.  When Flip wear receives confirmation of the delivery of a shipment by the shipping company, it is understood that the order has been delivered correctly.


Flip wear utilizes a private shipping company for its speed, dependability, and ability to provide accurate and up-to-date tracking. Once your order is on its way, an email will be sent to you including tracking information (if available), the ship date, and the estimated date of delivery.  While we at Flip wear will track your shipment’s status, it’s recommended that you stay informed as well by checking out the shipping company’s website for final details.  If we notice any delays or issues with your shipment, we’ll contact you immediately to ensure that any problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

All shipping costs that we place on any order will include all duties and fees, so you will only need to sign the receipt upon delivery.

Returns and Replacements

Flip wear wants that your order arrives in the best quality possible and error-free.  Before shipping out, we check each order carefully.  However, please look over your order upon delivery to ensure that everything is included and correct.

If any errors are found or items are missing please contact Flip wear within 15 business days of delivery.  We will evaluate your claim and refund or replace your items as quickly as possible if it has been determined that the error is ours.  Please note that failing to notify us within 3 weeks may result in your claim not being accepted.

Choosing the incorrect size is not considered an error on our part—make sure that your players consult the sizing charts to make the right choice when placing their order.  Also, damages incurred due to wear and tear may not be deemed manufacturing defects.

Orders can be produced and shipped within 4-6 weeks.  Production begins once the final design, order, and payment are confirmed.